Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's winter all up in here

Dear Rexburg,

I wanted to formally thank you for the lovely weather as of late. I love nothing more than waking up to a blizzard outside my window. Do you know what else I love? Slipping on ice on my way to class. It's so fun when people stare at me while I lay on the ground, and give me condescending looks because I'm wearing my vans, not snow boots. To which I reply, "sorry, everyone, I forgot them at home. Sue me." I especially really like when it snows, and then most of the snow melts away except for a thin layer which becomes black ice that I don't know is there until I step on it, and then flail my arms like a fool to keep from falling. It's freaking awesome.
I just think it's really great that you're encouraging people to stay inside instead of going outside. Fresh air is really overrated. It feels so good to have all the blood rush out of my ears so that all I can feel are tiny, sharp, jabbing pains as the wind blows all around them. Sometimes I like to take my hands out of my pockets, take off my leather gloves, and just let them hang in the freezing air. I like when they turn pale white and are just about a step away from getting frost bitten. It would be kind of fun if they fell off, huh? I think I could learn to do without them.
        Don't let the frown on my face fool you. I love doing my hair in the morning and having all my work shot when I step outside into the blustery winds. The wind-blown, psycho look is what I go for anyways, so don't even worry about it.
       So tis the season to be jolly, Rexburg! On behalf of everyone living in this city, I just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the good work.

-An unconcerned citizen 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Color Issue Blog

Go to this blog! I don't know this woman personally but her blog is so cute and she always posts such cute things! This is one of her giveaways that you should sign up for :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Three fist bumps for being a nerd!

Hello all! Yes I've realized it's been an extended period of time since I last posted... but I feel like I never have anything to say that would interest anyone. Besides my mom. I feel like I should be married or something to have a blog. And if you think that the only reason I think this is because every married couple I know has a blog and just about the only people I follow are married... well, that's where you're right. Call me what you will, I'm just sayin.. who even reads this? Hey mom.

Ok so the purpose of this post.. I got new glasses! Yay!! No this isn't the first time I've had glasses, in fact I've had them since I was in second grade. Oh how I wish I had a picture on the computer of those bad boys. Just think of the Harry Potter glasses, and those were what my first pair looked like. The start of my nerd-hood. I quickly got rid of those and finally got some new ones (in like sixth grade... Thanks mom, those very well could have been the reason for my lack of friends in elementary school). I now have tres pair, one brown rimmed and two black rimmed. I felt justified in getting another black pair because A) when does black get old? Never. B) I got my first black pair when I was in China, and well.. they're not the greatest of quality for obvious reasons. My Mom and I got them at the only place where they have just about everything you could ever think of and more. You guessed it. The Costco! Where else? Their slogan should be "Don't have it? We do." So true Costco... so true. Or "Come hungry and leave full.. for free!" "Costco is where it's at." "Gum supply for the rest of your life!" "Costco: Only for VIP." "Is this heaven? No, it's Costco." "Fun for the whole family!" I could go on, but enough about that..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to...


I'm 20 everyone! And it feels dang good. SO glad to be out of my teens. Bring on the 20's!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have lived in the same house on Ridgewood Way my whole entire life. This is my last night in my home :( I am a bit sad... this house holds so many memories. Just sitting here thinking about it, I can remember so many fun times. Lexy and me playing "Don't touch the lava" in the family room, jumping on the trampoline, sliding down the stairs on a pillow, sleepovers with friends, family time in the family room (haha), playing basketball on the driveway, and so much more.

I am very excited for our new house though. It's not exactly in a "neighborhood" per say, it's on a private road, so it's kind of in a cramped area, and the backyard is smaller than our current one, but it's very nice and bigger. As most of you well know, our family is growing by the year (keep em coming sisters).

Anyways, I'm just sad to be leaving, but glad we have a great new house to move into. It's about freaking time we moved in, too. We're not moving in tomorrow, but I am leaving for school tomorrow, and my parents and Lexy will be moving in this week probably.

So goodbye house! You've treated our family well. Hope the next family who lives in it are as cool as we are.